About Janet

I am Janet McLeod.

As a Creative Wellbeing Specialist I use the creative process and positive psychology wisdom to help women who feel overwhelmed by or disconnected to their world, by helping them to connect with compassion and creativity.

My passion is guiding women on their creative journey to re-discover their own passion and purpose so they can live and own their wisdom.

I bring my skills and experience as a registered Arts Therapist, a Wellbeing Coach and an Artist to the creative wellbeing process.

I started Create Wellbeing because I truly believe that we can all benefit from the creative process on multiple levels. It helps us become grounded and more present in the moment, reaching a place of calm, where we can think clearly and make better decisions. Through the creative process we’re able to get it touch with ourselves to help us identify our triggers and understand why we react the way we do.

My magic is developing creative experiences that are guided by positive psychology wisdom so that my clients can learn to value the positive, connect with their strengths and use these to find real meaning and purpose.

I offer:

  • The Create Wellbeing Journey as a group programme
  • The Create Wellbeing Journey as a one on one experience
  • Clinical Arts therapy to adolescents, adults and couples in person or online
  • ACC counselling for sensitive claims

During our sessions we will work together to assist healing, recovery and wellbeing. Create Wellbeing combines the amazing creative process with positive psychology, which in turn produces a powerful resource that we can carry with us throughout our lives. Learn skills with Create Wellbeing and move from just surviving- to thriving and living a life rich in connectioncompassion and creativity.


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